Our creation process




Entrust us with your ideas, without limit of expression,
in order to create the best visual image of your event.

Your idea

We create your custom visuals from your brief

in order to best satisfy your ideas with creativity and responsiveness.

Designed to measure
Médaille finisher éco-trail de Paris en bois gravé au laser

After your validation, we carry out the manufacture of your medals or trophies either in Chartreuse or with our partners according to the type of process chosen.


I ask for my quote…


    Ultime Sport is your partner for the creation and manufacture of your personalized medals.
    Finisher medals are increasingly popular and provide a special distinction for competitors and an identification of the race for each participant for the organization.

    Thanks to our designer team and our mastery of manufacturing, we will create visual creations in accordance with your sporting event.
    You will validate the achievements step by step from the design to the production of your personalized medals.

    After validation of your medal model, we will carry out either the engraving and cutting program on wood or the mold necessary for the manufacture of your metal medals. Our wide choice gives you the possibility of making your medals between 40 mm and 80 mm in diameter.
    Combine the printed ribbon to obtain a perfectly personalized medal for your sporting event.
    We manufacture quality trophies and medals with care in design and finish. Part of our productions are made in our Made in France workshop according to your choice of materials and technical requirements.
    Each medal is carefully wrapped in a plastic bag to protect it from any problems during transport.