Monthly Archives: October 2020

Order preparation

As soon as we take over the customer order, we prepare the order. Depending on the type of control we carry out production, which may be engraving of platelets, laser cutting or engraving on a [...]

Delivery Service

At each order, we keep you informed of every step from production to delivery. We work mainly with TNT and GLS which allows us to ensure you a delivery in the best conditions. Depending on [...]

Motor Sport Trophy

The practice of motor sport is very diverse: from rally to coastal races or Karting, motorsport offers a very wide range of amateurs as well as professionals. Again, the reward takes on its full dimension. [...]

Fight Sports Awards

At the championships or competitions of combat sports, the presentation of the medal is a necessary passage to reward the athletes. Whether it's fighting, karate or MMA, we will make the trophy or the medal [...]

Work Council

The works councils regularly organize festivities within the company. This is an important moment for the company because it allows employees to propose many activities. It is also up to the works council to plan [...]

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